Fiberglass Products

  1. Coated Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh –
    The Fiberglass Alkali-Resistant Mesh is on the basis of alkli-resistant or C-glass or E-glass woven fabric, then coated by acrylic acid copolymer liquid. good alkaline-resistance, high strength, excellent alkali and acid resistance, good cohesion, excellent in coating etc. It is widely used in wall reinforce, out-side wall heat insulation, roof waterproof, reinforcement, plastic, plaster, marble, mosaic. etc. It is an ideal engineering material in construction.
  2. Self- adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape –
    Fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape is made of high quality fiberglass, and it has high performance of alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, flexility and high tensile strength because of the chemical stability of fiberglass. It is an ideal material to prevent wall and ceiling cracking, so they are widely used in inner and outer wall in solution , water proof and wall strengthening.
  3. Fiberglass Cloth
    Fiberglass cloth is an engineering material, which has many excellent characteristics, such as anti-burning, corrosion resistant, stable structure, heat-isolating, minimum elongated shrinkage, high intensity. This new material product has already covered many domains such as electric appliance, electronic, transportation, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, heat insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention and environmental protection,. According to fabric organization structure and appearance, there are such kinds of products: plain weave , twill weave, satin weave, gauze weave.
  4. Fiberglass Insulating Sleeve:
    (a) PVC Sleeving(2715)Feature and Application

    PVC Fiberglass Sleeving is fibegrlass sleeving coated with PVC resin, with very good flexibility and dielectric features, it is widly used as insulating and protection material dor motor and electric appliance.

    (b) Silicone Fiberglass Sleeving (2753)Feature and Application
    Silicone fiberglass sleeve is twisted with non-alkali fiberglass yarn and coated with special silicone resin under high temperature, with good dielectric, self-extinguish, which is widely used for class H electrical machinery, electrical appliance, and heating equipment.
    (c) Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving(2752) Feature and Appliance :
    Silicone rubber sleeve is made of high-quality silicone rubber with scientific prescription processing and advanced technical. It is soft, proof tore, high insulating performance, wear and high temperature resistance, flame retardant and stable performance characteristics. Products are widely used in electrical appliance, machinery, automotive, medical care, drinking machine, coffee pots, hair and beauty products, lighting equipment.

  5. Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat :
    Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat is an non-woven Eor C-glass fiberglass fabric manufactured by spreading continuous filament rovings of 50mm in length randomly and uniformly in combination with polyester binder in power form (or other binder in emulsion form). 

    Chopped Strand Mat is characterized by good combination of resin, easy operation, good wet strength retention, good laminate transparency and low cost. It is suitable for the application by hand lay-up FRP moldings, such as, various sheets and panels, boat hulls, boat tubs, cooling

  6. Fiberglass Yarn
  7. Stitched Mat
  8. Woven Roving
  9. Fiberglass Fabric